Kim Crossen
Kim can be contacted if you want information regarding filing for support or paternity. She can be reached at 570-893-4050, ext 3385. She can also be reached by emailing her at

Patricia Gentzyel
Trish can also be contact for questions pertaining to filing for support or paternity questions. She can be reached at 570-893-4050, ext 3384 or emailing her at

Susanne Shaffer, Conference Officer
Susanne is available to assist with many questions. You can contact her by calling 570-893-4050, ext 3381 or emailing her at

Eric Heverly, Conference Officer
Eric can also be called to assist with questions regarding your case or general questions. Contact Eric at 570-893-+4050, ext 3382 or email at

Jeanne Monoski, Supervisor
Jeanne has knowledge in all areas and will be able to answer many of your questions. You can contact her at 570-893-4050, ext 3383 or by emailing her at

Colleen Wise, Director
Colleen is available to respond to your concerns by calling her at 570-893-4050, ext 3380 or emailing her at