Protecting Our Resources: grassy valley

Soil and water are some of our most valuable resources. Water is essential to all life on earth and keeping that water clean is one of our goals. Healthy soils and sustainable farming practices are also crucial for protecting the soil so we can continue feeding our ever- expanding population.

The Clinton County Conservation District works with local farmer to use best management practices that limit the impact of farming activities on the local resources. By improving soil health, managing nutrients, reducing soil erosion, fencing animals out of the streams, creating streamside buffers, and treating barnyard runoff water, we improve the water quality of our local streams and rivers and ultimate the Chesapeake Bay. Clinton County is entirely within the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the District is doing its part to help local landowners reduce pollutant loads to the Bay. A description of common best management practices implemented on farms can be found in the Conservation Catalog.