Manure Management:

In Pennsylvania, every farm that has animals or spreads manure needs some type of plan to manage the manure. The type of plan needed depends on the number of animals and the acres available to spread the manure. Farms that have 2,000 pounds or more of animals per acre to spread manure are considered concentrated animal operations and need to have nutrient management plan. For help determining this, contact the Nutrient Management Specialist at the Conservation District or refer to this fact sheet from Penn State University. Nutrient management plans must be written by a certified plan writer. Most other farms need a simpler manure management plan. This plan gives a farmer guidance for how much manure to spread on each crop, identifies places on the farm not to spread manure due to the risk of polluting water, and makes sure the muddy barnyard water is treated before it reaches a stream or sinkhole. Farmers can write their own plan and the Conservation District can help with developing maps and giving guidance. More information about the manure management program can be found here. A blank copy of a plan can be found here.

It is not recommended to spread manure during the winter months. However, it is still allowed in Pennsylvania as long as certain conditions are followed. Details can be found in the Winter Spreading fact sheet.