Annually the 4th week in April

For almost 40 years, the Clinton County Conservation District has sponsored an annual tree seedling sale. Proceeds from this sale are used to fund various educational programs, such as school booklets and field days.

Why Plant Trees?

  • Trees prevent or reduce soil erosion and water pollution.
  • Trees provide habitat - food and cover - for a variety of wildlife.
  • Trees along rivers, streams and lakes reduce water temperature and prevent or reduce bank erosion and silt. Their roots provide hiding places for fish.
  • Trees help recharge groundwater and sustain streamflow.
  • Properly managed forests provide a sustained supply of lumber, plywood, fuelwood and other wood products.
  • Properly placed screens of trees and shrubs decrease traffic noise, screen unsightly views and provide privacy.
  • Trees add beauty and grace to any community setting. They make life more enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing.
  • Living snowfences, strategically placed, hold snow away from roads, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Trees, planted as memorials, leave a valuable gift for future generations.