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While being state-of-the-art in our emergency call handling, the PSAP also operates a complex microwave based radio communications system. The radio communications network operates from seven (8) different tower sites located throughout Clinton and Centre Counties. All radio communication for fire, EMS and police agencies in Clinton County are conducted on high band radio frequencies.

Department of Emergency Services Vehicles

DES operates a fleet of three (3) vehicles along with a mobile decontamination unit. In 2001 the county purchased a new 2001 Ford F-350 crew cab pick-up truck with a Royal Sport Utility Body. The vehicle is used as a resource center and carries a wide variety of chemical reference material as well as an assortment of air quality and solid substance metering/detection equipment. The 2003 Chevy 6500 with a seventeen (17) foot Morgan Van Body is the primary vehicle for carrying a large assortment of equipment used in both defensive and offensive operations/activities.

Beginning in 2004 DES was fortunate to take advantage of its involvement with the North Central Task Force (NCTF). The fleet was further enhanced in late 2018 with the delivery of a 2018 Ford Explorer, which has a number of functions such as being capable of operating as a mobile command unit at significant incidents that occur in Clinton County or within the NCTF region.

How to Contact CCDES Staff

Main Telephone Number (570) 893-4090
Kevin Fanning, Director ext. 3407
Travis Hillyer, 911 Operations / Training Coordinator ext. 3409
William Frantz, EMA Coordinator ext. 3406
Joseph L. Sanders IV, HAZMAT / County Training Coordinator ext. 3403
April Phillips, Clerk/Typist II/Administrative Assistant ext. 3400
Jocelyn Lucsko, 911 Administrative & Financial Assistant ext. 3401

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