Ordinance & Maps:

Ordinances & Maps

Many municipalities have their own ordinances and conduct their own planning and zoning activities. Clinton County subdivision and zoning ordinances apply to the following communities:

Clinton County SALDO Clinton County Zoning Ordinance
Allison Township Colebrook Township
Avis Borough East Keating Township
Chapman Township Gallagher Township
Colebrook Township Grugan Township
Crawford Township Logan Township
Gallagher Township Noyes Township
Grugan Township West Keating Township
East Keating Township  
West Keating Township  
Leidy Township  
Loganton Borough  
Logan Township  
Noyes Township  
Renovo Borough  
EXCEPTION: Dunnstable Township has its own SALDO, but the Clinton County Planning Department approves subdivisions on its behalf.

Printed copies of Clinton County Ordinances are available from the Planning Department.

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance $ 40.00
Zoning Ordinance $ 40.00

Other Municipal Zoning Ordinances

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