Submit a Subdivision or Land Development Plan

The Clinton County Planning Commission reviews subdivisions and land development plans in accordance with the County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO).

Minor Subdivisions consist of five lots or less, with no addition of new utilities, streets, or rights of way.

Major Subdivisions consist of six lots or more, or any smaller number of lots if new utilities, streets, or rights of way are currently planned or intended as a future use.

Minor Land Developments involve only one non-residential building of less than 2000 square feet.

Major Land Developments are defined as any non-residential development involving a building of more than 2,000 square feet or two or more non-residential buildings, or any development containing four or more residential units or two or more residential structures.

For Municipalities Covered Under The County SALDO

County Planning Department/Commission review is final and we are granting approval.

Allison Township Gallagher Township Logan Township
Avis Borough East Keating Township Noyes Township
Chapman Township West Keating Township Renovo Borough
Colebrook Township Leidy Township South Renovo
Crawford Township Loganton Borough  

Dunnstable Township has its own SALDO but the County grants approval on its subdivision plans.


  • Minor Subdivision - $60
  • Major Subdivision - $100
  • Commercial Land Development - $100
  • Industrial Land Development - $100

For Municipalities With Their Own Planning Commission

Our review occurs prior to municipal review, and takes the form of a recommendation rather than approval.


  • Minor Subdivision - $50
  • Major Subdivision - $65

When Requesting a Subdivision or Land Development, Please Provide

  • The completed APPLICATION. Click here
  • Full and clear information about the proposed subdivision, such as:
    • Owner's full name, mailing address, and phone number
    • The full current property address of the parcel to be subdivided
    • How many parcels are being created?
    • What is the proposed size of each parcel? Subdivisions cannot be smaller than one acre unless they are being sold to a contiguous neighbor or relative. In some zoning districts, they cannot be smaller than ten acres.
    • Will the subdivided piece be sold to a contiguous neighbor or relative?
    • Will the subdivided piece be sold to the public? If so, there must be a legally defined street or right of way giving access to it.
    • Will a house, cabin, apartment, office, or anything else needing water and sewer service be placed on it, or is there potential for this in the future? If so, proof of a satisfactory Perc Test must be furnished before any building takes place. This soil test determines whether the property has any value as a building lot. Refer to the Sewage Officer for your municipality.
  • Six to eight copies of the subdivision or land development plan. (These are for the County Planning Commission, the Municipal Planning Commission, the owner, the surveyor, the Register and Recorder, and various other agencies that may be involved depending on the intended level of development.) Plans should have a title; show lot boundaries with bearings, distances, and acreage; locate existing easements or right-of-ways; show contour lines with elevations; locate physical features such as watercourses, buildings, wetlands, etc.; show locations of soil profiles and percolation tests taken; and should show all proposed improvements including streets, roads, sewage systems, etc. A registered surveyor of the state of Pennsylvania must certify the plan as being correct.
  • For land developments, Clinton County strongly recommends the developer use DEP's Permit Application Consultation Tool (PACT). This tool determines which environmental permits will be needed, and where to get them. The PACT tool is available at

When Approval is Granted

Some minor, single-lot subdivisions may be approved by Planning Department staff, who will stamp and date each copy of the plans, and retain one.

Any plans involving rights of way, roads, new utilities, land developments, or more than five lots will be reviewed by the full Planning Commission at one of its monthly meetings.

Caution: A subdivision is not official until the deeds and plats for the new parcels are entered at the Register and Recorder's Office. This must take place within 90 days of the approval date on the plans.

To request a new address for a subdivided property, contact the Clinton County GIS Department at (570) 893-4280 or by email at