Request a Zoning / Building Permit

The Planning Department approves zoning permits for municipalities covered by the Clinton County Zoning Ordinance: Colebrook, East Keating, Gallagher, Grugan, Logan, Noyes, and West Keating Townships. Permit requests for other municipalities must be directed to the designated city, township, or borough zoning officer.

Obtaining a Permit

Applications are available in the Clinton County Planning Office, Piper Building, 2nd Floor. You will need:

  • A project that conforms to the Clinton County Zoning Ordinance
  • The property owner's full mailing address and phone number
  • The property address and parcel number where the work will be done
  • The approximate cost of construction
  • The approximate date of completion
  • A description of the improvements, including
    • Type of improvement (new building, addition, commercial sign, fence, shed, deck, etc.)
    • Proposed use (residence, garage, animal shelter, pavilion, etc.)
    • Dimensions and square footage of project
  • A sketch of the project, showing dimensions, location on parcel, setbacks to neighboring parcels, and existing and proposed road access (see sample site plan)

Planning Department Review

In many cases, a permit can be issued on the day of application. The Department will advise whether approvals by other jurisdictions might be required, such as:

  • Perc test (if project involves constructing on-lot septic).
  • Occupancy Permit (after inspection by a Certified Code Official, for any new building or addition of indoor space intended for human occupancy).
  • FEMA Elevations Certificate (if property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area).
  • PennDOT Driveway or Local Road Permit (if project involves altering or building driveways or roads)
  • Conservation District approvals (if project involves earthmoving in an area greater than 5000 square feet)

Request a Zoning Change or Exception

All requests for variances or exceptions to any provision of the 2016 Clinton County Zoning Ordinance, as amended, must be directed to the Zoning Officer, Katherine de Silva, in the Planning Office. They will be referred to the Zoning Hearing Board for review, as defined in Part 11 and Appendices C and D of the Ordinance.

Zoning Fees

Renovation/Addition Permit: $35.00 (Section 8 housing code compliance work is exempt)
New Construction Permit: $75.00 (Includes manufactured homes and trailers)
Cell Tower Permit: $100.00
Zoning Hearing Board Review: $500.00

Commercial Signs Permits:

0 - 10 Sq Ft $20.00
11 - 50 Sq Ft $30.00
51 - 100 Sq Ft $50.00
>101 Sq Ft $100.00