(2020 - 2023)

Miles Kessinger, Commissioner
Jeffrey Snyder, Commissioner
Angela Harding, Commissioner

The Board of County Commissioners is comprised of three elected officials which serve a four year term. This board is responsible for the operation of County Government and grants the commissioners the authority to establish the annual county operating budget, to approve expenditures of funds, manage county assets, and authorize all county government contracts. The Commissioners also serve as liaisons with other levels of government regarding issues affecting county residents.

The Commissioners are also involved with such projects as regional planning and economic development, delivery of public services, finance and budget management, and personnel administration. Under state law, the Commissioners also serve as members of specialized boards such as Board of Election, Board of Assessment, and the Salary Board. The Commissioners appoint or hire administrative staff to manage the daily operations of county government and to serve the public through an array of traditional government services such as court services, deeds, wills, and licenses with many resources now available via the internet. In 2002 a web server was added hosting a wide variety of GIS information to the public with other departments coming online in the future.

During the year, the Commissioners gather information and recommendations from citizens, citizen advisory boards, staff, technical experts, as well as representatives from the business community and other levels of government. The Commissioners use a variety of forums to generate public participation in county planning and decision making efforts.

Since 1995 the commissioners have supported technology enhancements automating and streamlining county government eliminating data duplication. By forming partnerships between county departments information flows from one department to another seamlessly via a county network. Alliances and information sharing has also been extended to the City of Lock Haven and Economic Partnership. With these alliances in place information can be shared between these entities to tackle regional problems such as land use, economic development, emergency services, and police protection.

The Commissioners hold a weekly work session on Mondays at 9am, and regular Board meeting on Thursdays at 10am in the 3rd floor conference room of the Garden Building. These meetings are held on the second floor of the Piper Building at 2 Piper Way Lock Haven, PA and are open to the public.