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Marriage License

Marriage applications can be filed in any county of Pennsylvania and you can be married in any county of Pennsylvania.
Example: You can apply in Lycoming County and be married in Clinton County. If you are planning on applying in another county, we recommend you contact that office for their requirements and office hours.

Clinton County Requirements are as Follows

Both Parties must appear in person with a Drivers License or state photo ID to complete the application. You will be required to pay the $35.00 fee the day you apply. You may pay by cash or check made payable to "Recorder of Deeds".

The only document required to complete your application would be a certified copy of your most recent divorce decree, if you were previously married. If your prior marriage ended in death, you must know the exact date of death (death certificate is not required).

You both will be asked for the following information: full name, address, social security number, date and place of birth, highest level of education, occupation, birth parent's names, addresses, place of birth and occupations.

The State of Pennsylvania requires a "3-day waiting period" before issuing your marriage license. After 3 days from the date you applied for your marriage license, you can come in to our office to pick up the marriage license. Both parties are not required to appear for picking up the license. No licenses will be sent through the US Postal System.

There has been, on occasion, exceptions made to the 3-day waiting period. Example: Parties applying for a marriage license live out of state and are being married in Pennsylvania, however, they did not arrive in Clinton County until the day before the wedding ceremony. In those cases, you need to contact one of the Clinton County Judges and he may issue an Order to waive the 3-day waiting period.