Hunting License:

Description Fee
Mentored Youth Permit (Resident & Non-resident)(12 & Under) $2.90
Resident Junior (12-16) $6.90
Resident Junior Furtaker (12-16) $6.90
Resident Junior Combination*(12-16) $9.90
Resident Adult Hunting (17-64) $20.90
Resident Adult Furtaker (17-64) $20.90
Resident Senior Hunting**(65 & up) $13.90
Resident Senior Furtaker**(65 & up) $13.90
Nonresident Adult Hunting (17 & up) $101.90
Nonresident 7-Day Small Game*** $31.90
Resident Bear License $16.90
Resident Archery**** $16.90
Nonresident Archery $26.90
Nonresident Doe $26.90
Surplus (Bonus) $6.90
Nonresident Surplus (Bonus) $26.90
Resident Muzzleloader $11.90

* All combination licenses include hunting, furtaker, archery and muzzleloader privileges.

** Senior resident hunting and furtaker (annual and lifetime) licenses are available to those who will be 65 years old by Dec. 31 of the current license year. Applications are available from PGC offices.

*** Nonresident of Pennsylvania – 12 years of age and older. Seven consecutive days and includes waterfowl, but not valid for big game, including turkey. To hunt waterfowl, applicant must also possess a federal duck stamp and a Migratory Game Bird License.

**** Muzzleloader firearms and bows and arrows may be used during the regular hunting seasons without purchasing muzzleloader or archery licenses.

Available only from County Treasurer

Description Fee
Resident Antlerless Deer License $6.90
Resident Surplus Antlerless License $6.90
Nonresident Antlerless License $26.90
Nonresident Surplus License $26.90