Repository List Properties:

Distribution of Lists

Repository List properties are available for purchase throughout the year. A list of unsold repository properties may be obtained from the Clinton County Tax Claim Bureau (“Bureau”) either at the office for a cost of $0.25/page or via U.S. mail at a cost of $10.00 per copy. All repository lists will include an Offer to Purchase from Repository form and Affidavit of Bidder forms. The list is updated as necessary by the Bureau. However, all potential bidders are advised to contact the Bureau prior to submitting bids to insure that a property has not been sold. The Bureau will not have information on whether any bid(s) have been submitted on any particular repository property.

Submission of Bids

Offers to purchase repository list properties must be submitted in writing on the Offer to Purchase from Repository form provided by the Bureau. The offer to purchase form must be completed in full. Incomplete forms will be rejected. The minimum bid is $500.00 per parcel or $100.00 per trailer. Municipalities may bid on repository properties located within the municipality with no minimum bid. Municipalities are still responsible for the costs outlined below and must submit costs with the bid.

Bids may be submitted to the Bureau office in person or via the U.S. mail with notarized proof of identity in a sealed envelope. All bids must be marked on the outside of the sealed envelope as “Repository Bid” without any notation as to the property being bid on or the bid amount. Once submitted, bids will be time and date stamped and held by the Bureau until bids are next reviewed. All costs and fees must be submitted with the bid. All funds must be made payable to Clinton County Treasurer in the form of a money order, cashier’s check or other bank certified funds. Cash is also accepted for payment. In addition to the bid amount, the bidder must include the following additional amounts in the payment:

Please note as of 02/03/2020 the Administrative Processing fee will be $150. ($100 Non-Refundable)

(1) $150.00 administrative processing fee ($100 non-refundable)
(2) $78.00 recording fee
(3) $15.00 UPI stamp fee
(4) 2% of the bid amount for real estate transfer taxes

Example: For a bid of $1,000.00 on a property, the bidder must submit funds in the amount of $1,263.00 broken down as follows:

$1,000.00 bid amount
$ 150.00 administrative processing fee
$ 78.00 recording fee
$ 15.00 UPI stamp fee
$ 20.00 2% real estate transfer tax
$1,263.00 TOTAL

Qualification of Bidder

All bidders, with the exception of municipalities bidding on repository properties contained within the municipality, must return a completed and notarized Affidavit of Bidder with the submission of all bids indicating that the bidder: (1) does not owe delinquent real estate taxes in Clinton County; (2) does not have any outstanding municipal utility bills in Clinton County; (3) is not the owner or associated with the owner of the property being bid on; and (4) has not had a landlord license revoked in Clinton County. The Affidavit of Bidder will be provided by the Bureau with the repository list.

The Bureau will upon the opening of the bids verify the information contained in the Affidavit of Bidder. If the information in the Affidavit of Bidder is found to be false, the bid will not be accepted and the administrative processing fee will be retained by the Bureau. The remaining portion of the bid will be returned to the bidder.

Processing of Bids

All bids received by the Bureau will be collected and held by the Bureau for opening and review three (3) times annually. Bids will be opened on February 1st, June 1st and October 1st or, if not a business day, the following business day of each year. If more than one bid is submitted for a property, the highest bid will be accepted by the Bureau subject to bidder qualifications. If more than one bid for the same dollar amount is received, all bidders with identical high bids will be notified to submit a second sealed bid by a specifically stated deadline. The second bids will be time stamped to reflect the date and time of receipt by the Bureau and all bids will be opened on the specified date. The highest bid will be accepted by the Bureau, subject to bidder qualifications. In the event that two or more sealed bids are the highest bid but the same amount, the Bureau will accept the bid bearing the earliest time stamp.

Following the opening of bids and the verification of qualification of the bidder, the Bureau will forward acceptable bid(s) to the Clinton County Commissioners (“Commissioners”) for approval or rejection. The Commissioners will review and act upon all bids within thirty (30) days of receipt from the Bureau.

Upon written consent to a bid by the Commissioners, the accepted bid will be forwarded by the Bureau to the other appropriate taxing authorities (i.e., municipality and school district) for approval by written consent.

If the bid is rejected by any of the taxing authorities, a letter of rejection will be mailed to the bidder along with a refund of the total amount submitted less the administrative processing fee. If the bidder requires further information regarding the rejection they are advised to contact the taxing authority that rejected the bid.

When approved by all taxing authorities, the bidder will receive notification from the Bureau advising that the specific bid has been approved. The deed(s) will be processed (after funds have cleared) and mailed to the purchaser in a timely manner.

Any questions regarding repository properties should be directed to the Bureau.