Family Finding

What is Family Finding?

Family Finding is a practice that is conducted by Child Welfare Professionals to locate and engage family members of youth who are receiving services through a Children and Youth Agency. Family Finding is completed to help build permanent, caring relationships for youth and families involved with our Agency. Family Finding is a process that will be completed with your family in the near future.

Why is your family being referred to Family Finding? The State of Pennsylvania mandates the Child Welfare Agencies complete Family Finding for all Children who are involved with a County Children and Youth Agency (Public Welfare Code- 62 P.S. section 1301). So if your child is currently in care or you have an open case with the Agency, Children and Youth is obligated to complete the Family Finding Process with your family.

How is Family Finding Completed?

Family Finding is a six step process. A trained Family Finding team member will contact you to begin the process. They will begin the Family Finding Process by meeting with you to identify family members and supports for your child or children. The six-step Family Finding model establishes a lifetime network for disconnected youth. The Family Finding process identifies family members and other supportive adults who may be estranged from or unknown to the identified youth. Family Finding Team Members or your caseworker may engage those family members and identify relatives and others who are willing to become permanent connections for your child.