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Clinton County Natural Gas Task Force

Mission Statement

The Clinton County Natural Gas Task Force, a broad-based community initiative established by the Clinton County Commissioners, serves as the central information clearinghouse relative to the natural gas play in the county. The Task Force identifies the key issues and actions needed to support development of shale gas deposits in ways that will maximize the economic benefit to the area, ensure that the community is kept fully informed, and minimize the adverse impact on the residents and natural resources of the county.

Task Force Goals and Objectives:

Identify key issues and work to address the needs and concerns of all constituencies;
Serve as a resource center and information sharing pool for public and private entities;
Provide a public forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas;
Disseminate unbiased and factual educational material to keep our community informed;
Collaborate with the industry to ensure continuous and open dialogue;
Support responsible and sustainable economic development initiatives;
Advocate for the conservation and environmental protection of all natural resources;
Plan for infrastructure improvements to accommodate natural gas industry development;
Support public safety and emergency response initiatives for gas industry activities.

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