Boards & Authorities

  Term Board Vacancies
Agricultural Preservation Board3 years  
Bi-County Office of Aging Advisory Council  
Central PA Workforce Development Corporation3 years  
Children & Youth Advisory Board5 years5
Clinton County Planning Commission4 years
Communications Advisory Board  
Clinton County Conservation District4 years  
Clinton County Community Foundation 4 years  
Clinton County Fair Board3 years  
Clinton County Housing Authority5 years  
Human Services Advisory Board3 years  
Industrial Development Authority5 years  
Local Emergency Planning Committee1 year  
Clinton County Municipal Authority5 years  
Clinton County Recreation Authority5 years  
Clinton County Revolving Loan Fund Board1 year
Ross Library Board of Trustees3 years  
SEDA Foundation Board1 year  
Solid Waste Advisory Committee1 year  
Clinton County Solid Waste Authority5 years  
Tourist Promotion Agency  
Victim/Witness/Assistance Policy Board1 year  
Western Clinton County Recreation Authority5 years  
Clinton County Zoning Hearing Board3 years  
North Central Counter Terrorism Task Force1 year  
Clinton County Sewer Authority3 year  
SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority5 year  
If you are interested in serving on a board or authority with a board vacancy as noted above, please send a letter of interest to the Clinton County Commissioners, 2 Piper Way Suite 300, 3rd Floor, Lock Haven, PA 17745.

Anyone interested in the County Planning Commission should please contact Katie DeSilva at 570-893-4080.