Clinton County CleanScapes is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping citizens cleanup our waterways and landscapes. Each year numerous volunteers get together and participate in Clinton County CleanScapes's cleanup efforts. Volunteers are always needed. If your interested in learning about Clinton County CleanScapes or would like to participate in a cleanup effort, please contact Project Director Elisabeth Lynch of Clinton County CleanScapes at and check out the links to the left for event details and maps.

Membership and Sponsorship Supported Community Cleanup Event Progress Report

CCC offers caring community members safe and effective projects that restore our waterways and landscapes by removing man-made debris in Clinton and Lycoming Counties. These community cleanup efforts revive our public spaces and provide our residents, youth, and visitors with safer, cleaner, and more viable areas to live in and explore.

CCC 2000-2014 Membership and Sponsorship Supported Community Cleanup Event Progress Report

¤ Total number of CCC community cleanup events: 96
¤ Total number of volunteers: 3,322
¤ Total tonnage of man-made debris/litter removed: 1,159 (2,319,620 lbs.)
¤ Total number of tires collected & recycled: 9,922
¤ Total tonnage of metal collected & recycled: 23 (49,245 lbs.)

CCC combines your support with in-kind services and grant awards to initiate 4-6 events per year!

Principal Funding Sources Since 2000: Clinton County Environmental Fund, Forest Lands Beautification Program (FLBP), PA Growing Greener, PA Dept. of Community & Economic Development (DCED) via PA Senator John Wozniak and PA Representative Mike Hanna, Clean Up Our American Lands & Streams (COALS), Susquehanna River Basin Commission, Clinton County Community Foundation, First Community Foundation Partnership of PA/Lycoming Community Foundation, the William and Marbeth Foster Memorial, Keep PA Beautiful, Dominion, Comcast, Anadarko, Dominion Foundation, Liberty Tire Recycling, Range Resources, Western PA Conservancy-Dominion Watershed Mini Grants, and the PA DEP Community Cleanup Program.

  • CCC Progress Report 2000-2014